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Zumba - A New and Fun Way to Exercise

Having a hard time losing weight? Why is it so difficult to begin an exercise routine?
We have to admit that exercise and getting fit is not our top priorities in life. What if there is a way to achieve a sexy and fit body and having fun at the same time. Yes, millions have discovered that you can exercise in a fun way through Zumba.

Zumba is taking the health and dance movement like crazy. It is spreading across the continents and people are enjoying the benefits of exercising and  dancing in a fun way. So what is Zumba?

The party has just started. The music is pounding. Dance to the pulsating rhythms of latin music, such as cha cha, rumba, salsa or merengue. Follow the simple moves, combining fast and slow rhythms and doing an effective aerobic workout. The movements are often repeated so that you will catch on in no time. You will then become part of an exciting fitness sensation, having fun and becoming a healthier new you. Welcome to Zumba.

Benefits Of Zumba

1. You will be working out using dance steps - so it is fun and enjoyable.
2. Workout and learn latin dance moves at the same time.
3. You will burn all those extra fats away. An hour of Zumba workout can easily burn 500-800 calories. It   will be a great way to lose weight.
4. Keep your heart healthy. Dancing to those fast and exhilarating latin beats will require a lot of energy  
and your heart pumping.
5. Meet new friends who share the same interest in keeping fit and healthy.
6. Dance away all your stresses.
7. Be more energetic.
8. Gives you a healthy frame of mind.

Zumba Facts

Zumba is now a brand, the name is trademarked by the Hollywood, Fla.-based company.
Zumba workouts are taught in more than 30 countries worldwide, with approximately 25,000 instructors and 2 million followers.
More than 3 million Zumba DVDs have been distributed.
Zumba's slogan is "Ditch the workout. Join the party"
Zumba Gold is designed for seniors and teaches a slower-paced format.

Why is Zumba popular?

It is a FUN way of doing exercise. As Albeto "Beto" Perez, the founder of Zumba puts it - "Most of our students hate to exercise. But when the music starts, they forget that," COURTESY ZUMBA FITNESS,LLC

It is a DIFFERENT way of doing exercise. It is a combination of aerobics workout and dance steps to the exciting and fast-paced latin rhythms.

It is EFFECTIVE. The workouts will shed away the pounds and achieve your fitness goals.

Have a look at the other dvds available:

Zumba Workout 4 DVDs Latin Dance Fitness Set
This set comes with four different DVDs.
The first is for beginners. This will get you started in no time.
The second is aimed for the abs and thighs.
The third is an intermediate dvd.
Then the fourth is the power dvd. The moves are high paced and will make you sweat.
The whole set is the closest thing to being in class and the music is tons of fun!

Zumba Workout 2 DVD Set (Beginners and Advanced)
This workout dvd provides a bouncy and high intensity dancing. You will get lots of fun and a great way to exercise.



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